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Perceptual Stress Therapy and Applied Improvisation Techniques: Stress to Success!

Perceptual stress therapy and Applied Improvisation are both full proof ways of helping people manage their stress by getting them to perceive such stress in …

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Christiana Frank and Applied Improv – Kylie Masznicz _ThisIsReno

Christiana Frank has been teaching Applied Improvisation and profession theatre techniques for nineteen years. She has designed and been leading trainings since 1999. Her goal …

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Improv Benefits on Corporations

What do major companies like MetLife, PepsiCo, and Google all have in common? They all have incorporated applied improvisation sessions into their corporate training courses …

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Applied Improvisation Vs. Comedy

Is there a difference between applied improvisation and comedy? A lot of people may say no, but this would be a misunderstanding. While there are …

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Encouraging Team Work Through Applied Improvisation

Applied Improvisation (AI) enhances teamwork! When practiced correctly, structured gameplay in a low-risk environment helps participants train and practice being master collaborators and team players. …

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Applied Improv for small and large business’

Helping colleagues learn to work together is one of the most valuable things a business can do, but it is also one of the most …

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Applied Improvisation, when done correctly, equals success in school, business and life!

Collaboration, Confidence and Creation Applied improvisation, when done correctly, exemplifies that creativity happens collaboratively by using the principle of short turn taking between individuals in …

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Utilizing Improvisation to Teach Empathy Skills in Counselor Education

KidScape Productions helps students master important life skills that work on and off the stage.Our pedagogical tools offer students a fun and positive approach to self-actualization. …

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Assessment results: The benefits of Applied Improvisation for social-emotional learning (Grades 7-12)

KidScape Productions is celebrating its 19th year using Applied Improvisation (AI) for essential life skills. Whether training is provided during school hours, after school, or during …

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