Applied Improvisation in Education

“Applied Improvisation in Education (AIEDU) is a brain-based tool supporting authentic, holistic, and neuro learning. Educators and students can practice real-life situations through participation before they occur in the real world. The method creates a responsive classroom, conditions for belonging, and psychological safety. ”  -Christiana Frank 2021

AIEDU is the experience of real-time learning and supports 21st Century, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) in Education, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and Multi-Layered Systems of Support (MLSS), engagement, and retention.

Some misconceptions about AIEDU are that you must be funny. It is just for extroverts. It is for actors and acting workshops. It is comedy training, only for teambuilding or simply something to use when things go wrong.

The truth is that when done correctly, AIEDU transforms classrooms and students into a supportive, critical thinking community by increasing collaboration, retention, empathy, trust, presentation skills, and getting out of comfort zones to increase productivity.

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