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Through full implementation trainings offer an authentic, holistic approach creating responsive classrooms and offering conditions for belonging and psychological safety. Educators receive 1 CEU for each hour attending.

CF Consulting provides professional developments and in-class modeling for educators and support staff.   A sustainable approach that is simple to integrate into existing frameworks and embedded into core content. The system supports The Growth Mindset, Multi-Layered/Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS/MLSS),  Trauma-Informed Practice (TIC), and 21st Century Skills. Our process begins with interactive discovery sessions to ascertain the districts and community’s needs, culture, and climate.  Professional developments are coupled with in-class modeling for educator understanding and to customize as needed.  Results are increased educator and student attendance, engagement, metacognition, and overall joy for coming to school.


Christiana has over 21 years of experience in education as a teacher, curriculum developer, director, and consultant.

Her expertise includes creating and sustaining systems that support increasing attendance, retention, communication, and fun in the classroom.   Through neuro/brain-body-based strategies, Christiana offers the tools to create a kind, joyful, and dynamic learning environment.

Developmentally Informed Trauma Practices

Learn about the impact of trauma on children’s learning and development. Conceptualize the difference between trauma-sensitive, trauma-informed, and trauma specific approaches. Learn, practice, and customize strategies and tools with teams and instructor.

Team Bonding for Educators

High energy team building for educators that leave participants with effective activities for students if they choose to share.  Your coach will guide your team though activates focused on connection, communication, co-collaboration, laughter and joy! 

Growth Mindset Training for Interactive Learning

Recognize what a Growth Mindset is and the science behind it for both education and beyond school doors. Trainings contain hands-on neuro/brain-based activities that can be embedded into core content, daily transitions and take homes creating an overall school culture of positivity, connection, and collaboration.

Neuro/ Brain-Based Tools for Engagement and Student Retention

In this highly interactive course, educators will learn, practice, and customize brain-based strategies that support in class engagement and student retention.  Tools learned are impactful on their own as well as simply embedded into core content.  Meets social-emotional, trauma-informed, Multi-Tiered/Multi-Layered Systems of Support.

School Climate and Wellness

Positive, inclusive, and healthy schools make success possible for both students and teachers.  We work alongside your team to design and implement a school climate and wellness plan focused on strengthening the conditions necessary for effective teaching and learning.   Working with/without face masks is included.

Strategies for Multi-Tiered and Multi-Layered Systems of Support.

Develop and implement an integrated, data driven Multi-Tiered/ Multi-Layered System of Support customized to your district. All tools are easily embedded into core content.

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