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Christiana´s train the trainer course was extremely inspiring! Christiana is an energetic, positive person and not the least important – she is kind. She creates a safe learning environment where you can experiment. She has a great knowledge and experience, what helped me taking the next step in my applied improv career.
We would highly recommend Christiana to lead a staff through project planning, plan development, and plan implementation.
I have over 35 years experience in industry, and have been trainer and/or trainee for a variety of classes. Christiana Frank has distilled the best practices in using improv exercises for facilitation, and shows how to apply them in the classroom. I enjoyed the training immensely and will use it immediately. I was particularly impressed that these were on-line sessions, yet the class was fully engaged for each two-hour session. Zoom fatigue is preventible!
Christiana Frank is unlike any other consultant because she customized her techniques and approaches to meet the specific needs of your organization.
With her experience, Christiana knows how to radiate positive energy during the trainings. I enjoyed discovering new, engaging and inspiring ways to better connect with your audience by creatively using the limitations of video-channels.
This course explores the tricks of the training trade. There’s a ton of information with followup notes at the end of each session. Christiana is dynamic, animated and knows her craft. I will continue to study from her!
Christiana is a rock star…she’s an amazing presenter. The Train the Trainer online course she gave was wonderful in all aspects. Christiana is highly knowledgeable in the use of applied improv, and does a great job demonstrating how brain research supports it. She’s fun, inspiring, and has so much experience. I would recommend her to anyone or any group that’s looking for a consultant, facilitator or trainer.
After attending these two classes, I have seen myself grow tremendously. Simply being able to catch myself getting anxious and remembering the tools that were given. My confidence in communication has improved. These two classes have changed my way of thinking, and I am so thankful. I am so blessed for Christiana.
Christiana skilfully led an engaging and fascinating online three-day course. Some great ideas, insights and discussions were facilitated, each activity was carefully honed to my needs and expectations. There was so much to take away and easily apply to my own teaching.
Working with Christiana was an entertaining and engaging experience. She ensures every player feels safe and respected while creating an environment where we enjoy taking risks. One thing Christiana helped me do was reaffirm my belief in myself and my dreams.insights and discussions were facilitated, each activity was carefully honed to my needs and expectations. There was so much to take away and easily apply to my own teaching.
Christina’s Train The Trainer Program was results driven as well as fun! She shared strategies for deeper engagement of participants, and how to have empathy by reading participants non verbals for different personality types in their comfort level with being out of their comfort level. Her course prepared trainers to demonstrate results to critical thinking, problem solving, and give feedback to the organisations in those terms rather than just the ordinary improv debriefs and to use scientific references to support the learning and outcome. This is an important course to help trainers achieve more impactful results.
Christiana provide relevant information tailored to participants’ needs in a fun, energetic environment that successfully employs role-playing to ensure the concepts “stick”.
The information taught in class will be instrumental in growing my businesses! I have already signed new clients and have the confidence to start conversations with total strangers! It’s actually fun to mix and mingle now!
We have worked with Christiana for many years. Our school has several locations and each have various professional development needs. These range from co-teaching/team work, positive communication skills to the never ending work with student character/social emotional skill building. Our early childhood campus has flourished with the teamwork, assessment techniques and social emotional learning provided by TMBONP. We have been very lucky to host Christiana at our Middle School, where students gained important confidence in public speaking. Christiana has met and exceeded our goals and expectations.
Prior to meeting Christiana, I had low confidence in my ability to talk in a professional manner. I’m naturally a shy person so it was hard for me to gain someone’s trust from a first impression. In a world where effective communication is crucial, I knew I had to address these confidence issues especially if I wanted to thrive in the business world and be an effective team player. Within minutes of our first encounter, Christiana helped me break my comfort zone right away. She knew exactly what my weak points were and had numerous exercises to break out of my comfort zone while giving me the ability to show confidence. After just a few weeks, I had naturally felt more comfortable engaging in conversation with complete strangers and business professionals. I have consistently been one of the top performing salesmen in my current position using the tools Christiana engrained in my head.
The way Christiana offered us an inside on debriefing, was really interesting, and I will use this for sure.
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