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About Christiana Frank

I am a speaker, coach, consultant, program developer, and a certified Applied Improvisation and Applied Theatre Practitioner.  For the past 20 years I have been helping corporate teams, educational institutions, and mental health facilities connect to themselves, each other and the world at large. I am the founder of both KidScape Productions and Team Building on Purpose that utilize evidence-based approaches to help people hone in on  successful communication that draws from modern-day neuroscience and psychology. Since 1999 I have been designing and leading trainings with a mindful approach to collaboration, communication, and creativity. My passion is deeply rooted in facilitating teams and individuals to communicate effectively and feel confident with ambiguity and change.


Laughter and Improvisation: The Full Proof Medicine

We’ve all heard the old phrase, “laughter is the best medicine.” Have you ever found yourself in a stressful or …

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Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job? How to Develop Unique Human Intelligence!

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) has been here for quite a while, and we are becoming aware that …

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How to Ruin Employee Morale

The number one way and number two way of ruining employee morale is lack of communication and poor communication.  That …

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