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Christiana Frank is a learning development and systems consultant focused on strength-based coaching. Since 1999, Mrs. Frank has been using modern-day neuroscience and psychology to enhance education, mental health, and corporate cultures.

HeartMath embedded in Applied Improvisation

About Christiana Frank

Christiana Frank is a certified speaker, coach, consultant, program developer, and mentor. Since 1999, she has been helping corporate teams, educational institutions, and mental health facilities connect to themselves, each other, and the world at large.  Founder of KidScape Productions and with a strong passion for helping all ages, you can typically find Mrs. Frank in areas of wellness and empowerment, applying evidence-based approaches that draw from modern-day neuroscience and psychology. Since 1999 she has been designing and leading training’s with a mindful approach to collaboration, communication, and creativity.  Mrs. Frank’s passion is deeply rooted in facilitating teams and individuals to communicate effectively and feel confident with ambiguity and change. 



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Science and intuition

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed incredible tension, a thickness, or heaviness in the air or your chest? The room can be filled with voices or even silent, yet you know something is just not right? Conversely, have you ever walked into a room and felt a lightness, maybe a sense of joy or inclusion, and you feel connected and welcomed? The feeling that you are in the right place; makes sense and feels good. This is your intuition.

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Desensitization and Disassociation- Part 1

Traveling the US for work during what is being labeled the Covid Pandemic has opened my eyes to many consequences (expected and unexpected) on human rights and behavior. Most of my time in school districts, I have had the firsthand experience of the toll that masks, laws, and fear have played on individuals, organizations, and communities.

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Empathy in Workplace Relationships

Empathy in Workplace Relationships

Understanding sympathy and empathy and the nuanced difference between the two is very important when it comes to your relationships, especially your workplace relationships.

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