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About Christiana Frank

I am a speaker, coach, and consultant and have been employing Applied Improvisation and professional theatre techniques for nineteen years in corporate teams, educational institutions, and mental health facilities. I am the founder of both KidScape Productions and Team Building on Purpose that utilize both research and evidence-based approaches to help both adults and kids hone in on successful communication that draws from modern-day neuroscience and psychology. Since 1999 I have been designing and leading trainings with a mindful approach to collaboration, communication, and creativity. My passion is deeply rooted in facilitating teams and individuals to communicate effectively and feel confident with ambiguity and change.


Applied Improv for small and large business’

Helping colleagues learn to work together is one of the most valuable things a business can do, but it is …

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Applied Improvisation, when done correctly, equals success in school, business and life!

Collaboration, Confidence and Creation Applied improvisation, when done correctly, exemplifies that creativity happens collaboratively by using the principle of short …

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Utilizing Improvisation to Teach Empathy Skills in Counselor Education

KidScape Productions helps students master important life skills that work on and off the stage.Our pedagogical tools offer students a fun …

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What my clients have to say


Mrs. Frank-Daniels passion is rooted in helping teams communicate effectively and has been working successfully in this field for over 19 years.



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