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Authentic Communication

I’ll never forget the time when I was a small child and I lost my mom while we were shopping in a mall.
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A child with anxiety and we offer Tools to Help an Anxious Child

Youth and Anxiety

I’ll never forget the time when I was a small child and I lost my mom while we were shopping in a mall.
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Active listening is more than just hearing what someone else is saying. Active listening is giving your physical, emotional, and mental attention to someone.

Speak More Effectively by Listening More Effectively

On my route to and from work, I pass a small billboard that says, “It’s not about asking someone how they’re doing, it’s about listening
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Social Anxiety

Anxiety Management

One effective tool for managing anxiety is practicing the art of improvisation. More and more research is showing that incorporating improv into someone’s therapeutic treatment
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Christiana Frank presenting at a conference

Your Organization Might Need a Communication Reboot

Poor communication within your company or organization is like mold growing underneath your kitchen sink: at first, you don’t know it’s there, then you start
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Climate Grief and what can be done

Climate Grief- In a wounded world, what can we do?

Climate Grief, also known as Ecological Grief, is defined as, “grief, pain, sadness or suffering that people identify as experiencing when they lose a beloved
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Christiana Frank speaking at a conference

Attracting and Retaining Great Employees

Over the past twenty years I have been lucky enough to consult for a variety of teams that work with a diverse range of audiences.
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Deliberate engagement with Christiana and a lady we met in Costa Rica

Deliberate Engagement

Yesterday I sat down in Costa Rica and simply watched. I observed people walking along, heads held high, shaking hands, moments of laughter, and intentional
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Christiana Frank speaking at a conference

Laughter and Improvisation: The Full Proof Medicine

We’ve all heard the old phrase, “laughter is the best medicine.” Have you ever found yourself in a stressful or tough situation or are merely
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a group of people sitting at desks in front of a projector screen

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job? How to Develop Unique Human Intelligence!

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) has been here for quite a while, and we are becoming aware that it is taking over many
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a group of business people standing around a table

How to Ruin Employee Morale

The number one way and number two way of ruining employee morale is lack of communication and poor communication.  That is a bold statement, yes,
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the human head and brain are shown in this image

Applied Improvisation for Healthy Brains and Personal Growth

Applied Improvisation (AI) is extracting concepts and ideas from the world of Improvisation and then applying them to all aspects of business, relationships, and life.
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