Desensitization and Disassociation- Part 1


Traveling the US for work during what is being labeled the Covid Pandemic has opened my eyes to many consequences (expected and unexpected) on human rights and behavior. Most of my time in school districts, I have had the firsthand experience of the toll that masks, laws, and fear have played on individuals, organizations, and communities. The shift in overall behavior has been so impactful that I have worked and lived in communities that no longer greet each other, much less even look at each other. I am considering that the overall plan was to separate humans and turn us against each other; it is working in many places. I have found myself intentionally walking up to people to say hello and wish them a great day as I feel it will be each of our responsibilities to keep our humanity connected. Sometimes, people ignore me, which was not the case four years ago; However, even with the rejection that we may all receive, I believe 100% that this is an easy first step to healing our planet. The pure and simple act of SEEING the people in your space and RECOGNIZING that they exist with brief eye contact, a simple smile, a nod of the head, or a greeting; could change this world with repetition. If you are reading this, I ask that you consider purposefully adding to your day the intention of noticing those around you, even in disagreements or uncertainty. Being seen and heard is a basic human need, and how simple it is to take that time to support.

Christiana Frank
Consultant / Trainer / Program Developer / Speaker- International.

Christiana Frank provides leadership coaching, organizational consulting, customized leadership training, and development services. For 21 years, Mrs. Frank has been helping organizations, teams, and individuals become more mindful, capable, and deliberate through practical and engaging strategies  that are customized to achieve desired results.  

Christiana’s passion is to meet her clients’ needs and embed her expertise into their existing methodologies, thereby creating stronger, healthier systems. Along with her team of experts, Christiana ensures the growth and success of every client by embracing all perspectives and cultural differences. For a free consult, or to bring Christiana and her team to you, please email [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Desensitization and Disassociation- Part 1”

  1. Just being conscious of this is a wonderful share~ I do love seeing people and being around them and I never really stopped socializing. I’m ready to meet people where they are and hope they’ll join in community in some way.

  2. Great insight on what we all will have to deal with in order to bring back a connection to each other.

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