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Applied Improvisation for Healthy Brains and Personal Growth


Applied Improvisation (AI) is extracting concepts and ideas from the world of Improvisation and then applying them to all aspects of business, relationships, and life. However, AI is much more than that. AI is looking to be a fresh and practical approach to developing, changing, or enhancing learned behavior. Having a remarkable experience with and which has helped many people aged 18 or older with private coaching we can conclude that Applied Improvisation helps to promote:

  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Effective communication abilities.
  • Innovation and Creativity.
  • Risk-taking capabilities.
  • Taking quicker decisions in situations of uncertainty.
  • Superior Leadership and team-building
  • Enhances Confidence.
  • Better Social Skills.

Mental Health Benefits of Applied Improvisation for Adults:

Applied improvisation is a collaborative and innovative effort; it offers pedagogical tools for a person to look at communicating with the world differently.

Experiencing New Things Every Single Day:

Breaking your routine and experiencing new things allows your brain to enhance its abilities and promote learning. It can also fabricate new pathways and connections for a better understanding of life and enhances metacognition. Experts conclude that trying different things helps you to:

Overcome Fear:

People are mostly afraid of trying new things only because they are unsure of what the outcome will be. This mindset puts our creativity on hold, and we get restricted within a routine of life which probably does not please everybody. One of the reasons, behind the increased number of depression cases. While AI helps such people by developing a specific way of thinking that fear is the only barrier that stops you from achieving your lifelong goals, this type of attitude, at last, leads to playfulness.

Know yourself better:

Applied Improvisation encourages collaboration due to which a person learns to discover his hidden talents, resulting in executive functioning. In case of corporate teams, people will have different innovative solutions to a single problem which enables a person to dive deep in himself and uncover his passions to work on his professional development and continuing education effectively.

Strengthens Eye and Hand Coordination:

Developing Hand-Eye coordination in the initial stages of life is essential. It can also be initiated in adulthood with the assistance of Applied Improvisation which advocates whole body learning – The prime target of

  • It enhances agility.
  • Promotes athleticism.
  • Better reaction times.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Develops Mindfulness.
The connection of Brain and Body:

Researches have shown that new activities stimulate new cell growth and cause the brain to build connections between neurons, replacing some of those we lose over time. Resulting in increased mental abilities by 20%-30%.

When a person’s body and mind are synchronized, he discovers self-satisfaction and happiness. AI can help people to develop a point of view which helps them in making their decisions according to their will while keeping the mind-body connection in sync.

Stimulates Creativity:

When a person’s mind and body are working simultaneously, his creativity automatically gets better. Because creative ideas only come to the mind of those people who have a satisfied and relaxed state of mind.

Summing it up:

Applied Improvisation works for your welfare when professional consultancy is acquired, and that’s where we come in. focuses on consulting in corporations, mental health facilities, private coaching. With this step, we are moving towards consulting and taking it to an international level. This will include in-person training and seminars, virtual classrooms, and webinar training and coaching. Being the member of a global approach to AI at  and having the remarkable experience and exceptional knowledge for the field, we have also opened a local chapter in our area at to provide you with premium quality consultancy and coaching services that will guarantee you more profitable outcomes regarding personal empowerment

Moreover, we also own and operate, which is focused on the personal grooming of the children aging from 3 years to 17 years.

Christiana Frank
Consultant / Trainer / Program Developer / Speaker- International.

As an accomplished educator, curriculum developer, and mentor since 1999, Christiana Frank possesses a deep-rooted passion for guiding teams and individuals towards heightened mindfulness, capacity, and intentionality. She boasts an impressive portfolio of certifications spanning various fields, including but not limited to mindfulness and trauma-informed approaches, Applied Improvisation, and HeartMath.

In addition to her expertise, Christiana offers a wide range of services tailored to meet her clients’ needs. These include leadership coaching, organizational consulting, bespoke leadership training, mentoring, and development services. She is deeply committed to integrating her profound knowledge within her clients’ existing methodologies and frameworks, fostering more robust, healthier systems that consistently yield desired outcomes.

Interested parties are invited to reach out for a complimentary consultation or to engage Christiana and her dedicated team. To get started, please email .

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