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Applied Improvisation in Education (AIEDU) supports building a Growth Mindset. AIEDU is a brain/body-based tool supporting authentic, holistic, and neuro learning. Educators are encouraged to customize to support student achievement.

Double Clap

Clap twice to regain attention. Three times in a row for optimal focus.

Yes, And Circle

Begin statements with “Yes AND” to build on ideas collectively.

Slideshow a.k.a Picture Show

  • One or more student(s) stand shoulder-to-shoulder, in neutral position, facing the audience.
  • They’re given a topic to discover or review. (e.g., history of Nevada)
  • One student steps forward to be the Host and introduces the first slide/ picture. (e.g.,  “In this first slide you will see tourists at the Hoover Dam, the Hoover Dam is made of concrete and….)   then says “Click!”
  • The other students (the Slide) take a few seconds to move into a static tableau of the scene which the Host has described.
  • While the Slides are frozen, the Host describes in detail what is happening in the tableau, building in current knowledge of the topic and what each specific character is doing in the scene. Educator can freeze actions to ask questions.
  • When the Host’s description in done, they again say “Click!”. Both the Slides and the Host return to neutral position, facing the audience.
  • The next person in line now steps forward as the Host. This repeats until all students have been the Host.
  Note: Encourage Slides to interact with each other, and to compliment what their scene partners are doing. The “yes, and” approach. Debrief content as well as consider 21st Century Skills, Growth Mindset, and SEL. Reflective debrief.

Environment Freeze

Students move; at two claps, the first to freeze in neutral and eyes on educators initiates the next topic. Incorporate “Yes AND.”

Compliment Circle

  • Educator or a student starts by saying something they like about themselves and then something they like about another person in the room.
  • The student receiving the compliment says “Thank you,” then says something they like about themselves and something they like about another person.
  • Continue

Variation: to warm up students, you may start with things they see, like shoes, clothes, etc.

Note: the goal is to move to a more interpersonal, SEL approach. Reflective debrief.

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