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Yes and in a circle

Yes and in a circle


Applied Improvisation in Education (AIEDU) supports building a Growth Mindset. AIEDU is a brain/body-based tool supporting authentic, holistic, and neuro learning. Educators are encouraged to customize to support student achievement.

Yes, And Circle

  • All students sit or stand in a circle.
  • The educator comes up with a topic, question, equation, etc.
  • The first student begins the answer, and when finished, the next student says “yes, and” and adds to the idea or answer.

Variation: educators may use the “yes, and” when discussing topics throughout the day, as well as transitions, etc.

Note: the Yes, And mindset allows participants to accept ideas and build. Over time, it changes the brain and how students learn through collaboration.
Reflective debrief.

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