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Confidence in Communication

Date: Weekly starts July 27th
Time: 6:15-7:30pm


Practice speaking for small and large groups.

Overcome social anxiety.

Days:             Tuesday’s

Time:             6:15-7:30pm

Dates:           Weekly starting July 27th

Cost:             $20

Buy 6:            $15 per class

Video (1) 

Video (2) 

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Anyone looking to improve and practice communication skills.
  • Understand core improvisational concepts that support feeling stuck and anxious.
  • Has or lives/works with someone with generalized or social anxiety.
  • Wants to improve self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • No prior improv experience needed

I am a high energy, passionate, performance-driven trainer, consultant, and speaker. Since 1999 I have been leveraging contemporary strategies helping organizations significantly improve their systems and performance. I specialize in team and individual leadership with a strong focus on developing and fostering positive, and sustainable work environments. Highly developed in interpersonal, communicational, and motivation skills; I support person-centered approaches with daily training in modern-day neuroscience, behavioral science, and technology. I can adapt to various personality types and situations simultaneously, and offer customized approaches for each client, while ensuring the mental well-being of participants.  I have an authentic and genuine passion for assisting people to find their true selves, and the approach significantly increases productivity.

  • Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher
  • Certified Breathwork Educator
  • Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner
  • Social-Emotional & Trauma-Informed Care Specialist


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