Applied Improvisation in Education (AIEDU)
for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Runs the first Sunday of each month at 3:00pm PST on Zoom. Next class is May 2nd, 2021.  Please note we will skip July 4th and September 5th due to US holidays.

In this free, online experience participants will learn, and practice activities supporting social-emotional and trauma-informed approaches. New tools and activities each month.

This free experience is offered to 9 participants each month, please cancel if you cannot attend so another person may join us. This class is always on a wait list. Thank you.

To cancel please email [email protected] or text 775-313-3900

Christiana Frank profile pic updated in November 2019

Christiana Frank is a charismatic, performance-driven consultant and facilitator with extensive experience in leveraging contemporary strategies to help educational organizations improve their performance.  Since 1999 she has been meeting individuals and teams where they are, helping them develop positive, effective, and sustainable environments.  . Highly developed interpersonal, communicational, and motivational skills to engage with various individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds with person-centered approaches. Strength-based trainings are rooted in modern-day neuroscience, behavioral science, and technology. Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner.

 Christiana Frank         Team Building On Purpose                KidScape Productions

Looking for simple tools that are easily customized?

Virtual Professional Developments will focus on training the teachers and support staff’s sustainable practices and strategies with full implementation. These practices will also enhance 21st Century competencies designed for K-12 students. Strategies focused on neuroplasticity and mindfulness to increase student active participation, motivation, engagement, and relationships. In this sustainable approach, participants will learn, practice, customize, and apply tools and strategies for themselves and their students. This implementation process is mindful and successful in an online and remote learning situation and can transfer seamlessly into a traditional classroom environment.

[email protected]

Christiana Frank   AICP

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